Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Save Bhopal Taal

Dear Reader/Bhopali,

The title of the blog is quite self explanatory. But, let me allow to throw some light on the topic, for those who might not be aware about the happenings around Upper Lake.

Some greedy builders are trying to acquire land in the green belt around bada taal, to build houses/flats. Environmentalists believe that it will kill the lake. Please click here for details, which is available on NDTV.

I felt really sad when I saw this news item. I am sure if you are a true 'Bhopali' you will feel share the same feelings, on watching that news item.

This is just a beginning. I am hoping to create awareness about it by bringing in other websites as well.

Please forward this blog to as many Bhopalis and Bhopal lovers you know. Let us bring change.

Please post your comments and thoughts that how can we take it further.